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Music Is My Best Friend: A New Movement

For those of you that know me well, you know how important music is in my life. I’ve been surrounded by it since birth, and it’s integrated into every area of my life in some shape or form. It’s what motivates me, what helps me unwind, and what helps me see deeper into every corner of life. Before we get into the good stuff, I’ll start this post off with a couple music-related facts about myself you may not know:

Mandy + Music

  1. I trained professionally as a singer for most of my life, from high school through college.
  2. I live for all things musical theatre.
  3. I love creating new mixes of music, from the ancient mixtape back in the 90’s to today, remixing my favorite songs DJ style. Find my playlists on Spotify and Soundcloud and follow along!
  4. I love writing lyrics and sometimes even tunes.

Why music?

I’m an artist at my core. I like to integrate uncommon things to tell a story. Music has also been a way to connect deeper with my group fitness students, and a way to amp up a fun night with friends. Anyone else take a moment throughout the day to settle in with your fave song of the moment to reflect and get inspired? I’m talking about those super inspiring daydreams that motivate is to dance around in our PJs at home, or rock out to our own music video in our head. We have ALL been there. That’s where I became inspired to create this new way of sharing inspiration through a collaboration of some of the things I love most: music, fashion, and art. It’s a way to bring that daydream music video into flesh and blood.

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for so many things, and one of them is music. Like family and friends, it is a best friend to me. Music at its core has always been a way to come together with others on the common ground of love. Now more than ever, we need that in life. This video was a way for me to unite some of my favorite brands that are breaking the mold of modern fashion, to a new kind of collaborative music as showcased by one of my favorite new musical artists, Sofi Tukker. Their original remix of alternative rock vibes and electronic beats inspire me in so many ways, to include the way I look at fashion. Their track Best Friend spoke to me in this way: fashion and music will be a part of my life always and speaks its own special language to me.

Meet the #OOTDnovela

Meet a new way to bring things together: the #OOTDnovela. It’s a collaboration of the things I love most, and I hope this video inspires you to collaborate with others and bring together your own love story across all avenues in life. This will become a new monthly staple on the blog, so stay tuned for more fashion and music collabs later this holiday season! I’ll leave all of you with this: is there a song that inspires you? Something you’d like to see in this style? Email me! Let’s collab.

-xx M

Video filmed by Rachel Radcliffe Photography, music by Sofi Tukker. Video produced and directed by me.

Outfit Details

Blouse: Something Borrowed Shirt, ADAY

Tank: Rose Gold/Aqua Sequin Tank, Forever21

Jacket: Distressed Denim Jacket, Forever21

Leggings: Melrose Legging, Carbon38 (almost sold out, similar here)

Boots: Sabrina Glam in Dusty Rose, Frye x GMG (SOLD OUT, similar here)

Hat: Velvet Cabby Hat, Forever21

Makeup Details

Primer: Perfect Canvas Serum, c/o Ren Skincare

Foundation: Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, Fenty Beauty in 210

Highlighter: Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, Fenty Beauty in Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal

Contour: Match Stix Matte Skin Stick, Fenty Beauty in Mocha and Rum

Eyes: Lila Eyeshadow Palette, Natasha Denona

Lips: Lip Color, Tom Ford in Bare Peach

Hair: AIR DRY IT Undone Styling Creme, c/o L’Oreal

Parisian Urban Gothic: My Inner Lagerfeld

When it comes to my fashion loves, first, there are my favorite designers, and then there’s some that simply connect with my soul. My first experience with Karl Lagerfeld was in my early childhood, playing around in my parent’s bathroom, sampling their perfume and cologne. As long as I can remember, my dad wore Lagerfeld. Now, looking back, it’s apparent that my dad and I have more in common when it comes to fashion and what inspires us. It’s often stated that our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses, and I believe it. The original cologne by Lagerfeld will always bring back memories of special events and the holidays spent with family, and my early obsession with all things editorial. It’s a scent that was revolutionary for its time, having a very distinct edgy take on elegance.

I remember looking up his name as a kid and instantly falling in love with his style and his view on fashion. He’s an icon of Parisian fashion and style, but not a native Parisian, or even French. Crazy right? Paris is renowned for being one of the most snooty cities in the world, especially when it comes to fashion. How’d he do it? A little history lesson for you: originally from Germany, his career in French fashion began while working for Balmain. After settling into his own with his first official compilation with Jean Patou, he didn’t exactly start off on the right foot and actually got booed by the press. Did that stop him? Fuck no.

I’m a firm believer in the sentiment that well-behaved women rarely make history, and it’s true of men too, including Lagerfeld. His urban gothic approach to couture brings new life to Parisian style, and I have never been happier that he’s the creative director of Chanel these days. He’s now one of the most respected designers in French fashion, with the city of Paris standing with him season after season, and some my favorite style muses, Cara Delavigne.  Without the ability to question popular trends, we cannot evolve. The rule breakers pave the way to the future, and it’s what I love most about his essence. This past season’s Chanel show was soul captivating, bringing so much urban edge to a very soft and feminine season, Spring/Summer 2018. One of my fashion muses, Courtney of Always Judging, SLAYED this take on Chanel vibe perfectly.

Urban Gothic Pairings

Fall is my favorite season to style, as you can become more creative through transitional layers that incorporate the best of every other season (hello layering statement blouses under dresses!). I am obsessing over the entire Moto Collection by Carbon38, and was pumped to sample some of the best selling pieces this past September! I also found this amazing yet simple hat at Target and knew it would be the perfect combo to soften my usually edgy approach to styling. It plays so well with my current wardrobe, and can’t wait to add it to my outfits later this season.

Urban Gothic Accessory Pairings

Furthermore: if you’ve been on the edge about buying an Apple Watch thinking that its ROI is low due to the fact that it’s super sporty, think again. You can make technology and sportier styles both feminine and elegant, especially in today’s world of athleisure and the creation of technical fabric. I cannot get enough of my new watch bands from Bezels & Bytes. The rose gold studs instantly grabbed me and reminded me so much of Karl Lagerfeld’s take on Chanel.

Outfit Details

Sweatshirt: Olympic Sweatshirt, c/o Carbon38

Blouse: Something Borrowed Shirt, ADAY

Leggings: Abbot Kinney Legging, c/o Carbon38

Sunglasses: Chloe Sunglasses, TopFoxx

Watch: Apple Watch 2 in Rose Gold, Studded Band by Bezels & Bytes

Hat: Cloche Hat with Fur Pom A New Day, Target

Shoes: Star Platform Wedge, MakeMeChic

Bag: Classic Small Caviar Flap Bag, Chanel

Makeup Details

Primer: Perfect Canvas Serum, Ren Skincare

Foundation: Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, Fenty Beauty in 210

Highlighter: Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, Fenty Beauty in Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal

Contour: Match Stix Matte Skin Stick, Fenty Beauty in Mocha and Rum

Eyes: Lila Eyeshadow Palette, Natasha Denona

Lips: Lip Color, Tom Ford in Bare Peach

Photos by Shannon Righetti of Shandru Photography

Makeup by Caitlin of Sephora Union Street