Cyber Monday: The Beauty Hack

Black Friday’s down, and you’ve likely conquered the majority of your holiday haul. If you’ve been fending off your personal wants this weekend, Cyber Monday is the perfect time to scratch that itch. I’m talking to you, fellow Sephora Rouge-heads. Being a personal indulgence, it’s a perfect time to nail down some serious #selfcare. Am I right? This year, I’m breaking down the best of beauty by age. This ensures you’re getting the maximum return on investment on each product.

All the sh%t you need, none of the sh%t you don’t. Sound like a less guilty pleasure now?


Ladies and gents, these years are the golden years when it comes to our skin, so it’s important to lay the proper groundwork. These picks will ensure your skin remains as healthy as possible.

Glossier Super Pure: If you get nothing else from the Supers collection of serums, Pure is the way to go. From college parties to our first jobs, life can treat our skin a little rough from bad diets, alcohol, and stress. The good news? This serum does it all. 20% off sitewide!

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint: your twenties are your years to live boldly, but likely not on just as bold of a budget. This luxury beauty brand is super reasonably priced without any sacrifice to the product. While I haven’t tested it personally, I can say the word on the street from Sephora makeup artists are that it’s legit AF. Cyber Monday is the best time to grab it too.

Too Faced HangoverRx & Beauty Blender Sleep Set: OMG THIS SET. Take it from a gal who likes to socialize: this sh%t works. Whether you’ve had 4 hours of sleep or still haven’t kicked that hangover, it totally refreshes your skin. I sampled it as a joke in Vegas one year and was hooked ever since. This set includes their new version, the spray, and it’s divine AF.

Glossier Invisible Shield: If you aren’t using sunscreen, you are going to hate yourself in your 30’s. Save on the future botox bill by laying the proper foundation now. I love this new addition to their collection: it plays well with makeup and doesn’t smell or feel like crap. Buy it for 20% off today.

30-somethings & beyond

These are the years for you to “get your shit together” when it comes to skincare. Each of the following is cherry-picked by me based on the reputation of the brand and their performance on myself and others I know.

Sunday Riley Auto Correct Brightening & Depuffing Eye Contour Cream: I couldn’t be more impressed by Sunday Riley. I’ve used both Good Genes and Luna over the past year and have noticed a drastic difference in my skin. I have high hopes for this one. What if it sucks for you? No sweat: Sephora’s got you with that killer return policy. No buyer’s remorse! It’s a no-brainer.

Glossier You Fragrance: If you’ve spent the better half of your 20’s fighting (and losing) the battle when it comes to finding the right perfume, I got you. Glossier has body slammed the beauty competition again, this time with fragrance. This scent works with your own skin, making it different for every person, yet completely universal. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. At 20% off, it’s a great way to try it out.

Cover Girl Outlast Lip Topcoat: Once we hit our 30’s, our lips just don’t seem to hold color as well. I swear by this product for all my lippies that have trouble sticking around past appetizers. This drugstore product is one hell of a gem. Take 40% off all Cover Girl at Ulta today.

Serious Skincare Insta Selfie: This primer is the absolute sh%t. Fine lines? Gone. Want to wear no makeup? Also a go. My skin has never looked better makeup or no-makeup. It’s 30% off sitewide too, so pick up some of their A Defiance line too for an extra boost in anti-aging!


Consider these picks the Cyber Monday equivalent of the obnoxious media emergency announcement: Read. HEED.

Narssisist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette: All my NARS ladies, you know the drill. Newbies? Grab your wallets. This will be guaranteed to sell out, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Limited edition king of all neutral palette? It’s a Mike Tyson: a done deal. Grab or face buyer’s remorse. Still not convinced? It’s a $200 value for $59. GO.

ghd Nocturne Flat Iron Set: If you’ve been itching to ditch that old CHI, now’s the f&%in’ time. I’ve owned a ghd for 8 years now, and it’s still going strong. My hair looks and feels better in comparison, and this set pampers you with a cute storage bag and extra products for nearly half the retail price of just the iron. Go fetch!

Huda Beauty Obsessions Eye Palette: Also a cult must have. The new Mauve palette is the perfect neutral palette for day and night, and perfect for you ladies looking to kick it up a notch from the basic scale. Plus it’s less than $30, meaning it will go quick.

Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette: Okay I know, I am going ape-shit on palettes today, and honestly, this one deserves the lineup as much as the others. This is an all around, one-stop shop for your makeup needs. Fellow lazy gals? This one’s for you. One palette for your entire jet set. It’s 50% off at Ulta today, online only.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Wowder: Tips From A Glossier Insider

So… I know I’ve been MIA on the beauty tips this past season, but for good reason (and the fact that I’ve been living out of a suitcase all month). I’ve been waiting a bit to post a review of Glossier’s new product with split opinions, Wowder, and I’m finally ready to tell my story: the “not sponsored” one. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad one; in fact, I’ll save you the suspense and tell you flat out, I f*&king love it.

However, there are some tricks of the beauty trade that make it even better. That’s what all this time was for. I was doing my blogger homework to make sure I gave you all the tips and tricks you need to know to get the WOW out of Wowder. Why? That’s the thing with the beauty industry. It’s much like anything else in this world that’s a solution for something: it takes a learning curve, and I’m here to be your mentor.

Step One: Targeted Application

It’s okay if you aren’t a beauty blogger or makeup guru, that’s why I’m here to help you. If you’ve ever heard of the makeup term “baking” and was like, “what the hell is that…that’s an Instagram makeup tutorial scam,” hear me out. If you’re simply smearing the brush around on your face, you’ll get an “ok” outcome, but not a perfect one. Before you quit reading and give up, it’s not rocket science, and I’m here to show you why.

Blotting paper: do we wipe our faces with it? No. So why should you wipe your face with blotting powder? There you have it. Baking simply means you are blotting your face with powder, letting it actually target the oil on your skin. Take a thick brush full of fine brush hairs (Glossier even includes the perfect kind) and lightly press and roll the brush over your skin like a paint roller.

I am obsessed with the glowy skin look right now, so I only apply it under my eyes and in the T-zone. Same technique goes for that too. I’ve found that this technique under your eyes works wonders and eliminates that raccoon look you sometimes get if your concealer is a super wet or waterproof one. If that’s a mega issue for you with concealers, welcome to your cure.

Step Two: Priming /Setting Spray (aka my #notsponsored hack)

All my years of being an editorial makeup fanatic have taught me 2 skills: PRIME. SET. Over the past 10 years of trial and error when it comes to doing my own crazy faces, I’ve taken these tips from the Sephora and MAC pros. If you aren’t priming your skin before makeup, no makeup in the world will sit the way you want it to.

I get so much whining about how it’s not fair that I look put together after workouts, and I’m TELLING you. THIS.IS.THE.HACK. I’m not some freak of nature test tube human with perfect skin. It’s totally doable for everyone. It’s just a hunt to find the product that works for YOUR skin when it comes to primers and setting sprays. As a hardcore combo face myself, I need moisture and oil control, so my picks for me are Hourglass primers and Urban Decay setting sprays. It makes my Glossier dewy looks look bomb AF.

You all know I am not one to sugar coat or peddle crap with BS reviews to make a buck, and it’s exactly why I partner with Glossier on their products because they work. If you didn’t already know, I am a rep for Glossier, meaning you can get a little confidence boost when buying Glossier, as I get a first look at the new product and get to tell you like it is. For those of you on the fence because of ROI (return on investment) woes, I’ve got you too: 20% off to be exact. If you’re new to their products, you can get 20% off your first order, and free shipping on orders over $30. Simply shop via my link here, or on the landing page of my blog.

My Glossier Showroom Haul

Wowder in Light/Medium

Boy Brow in Brown

Balm Dot Com in Rose

Balm Dot Com in Cherry

Invisible Shield

Turning 32: The Beauty Routine You Need In Your 30’s

Fact: This photo above is completely un-retouched so you can see JUST how effective a good skincare routine is.

Today I turn 32, another year into the prime years of my thirties. There have been so many exciting changes, from career progressions to my personal style choices, and my beauty routine is right there with them! I’ve always been a skincare conscious individual, learning from my mother at an early age to take care of my skin. It’s my most complimented feature, and I want to take time on my birthday to share some of my best skincare hacks that have kept me looking ~25 for a while now. I have learned the types of products that actually work, as well as when to start adding them into your daily regimen, because…timing is everything.

So, what’s SO different about your 30’s? A ton. Over the past two years, I have noticed small changes in my skin, to include fewer blemishes, less oil production, and the beginning of tiny fine lines. I have evolved my beauty routine to mitigate these concerns (and even tried my first ever Botox treatment for my frown line!), while also continuing to keep up the most important foundations of my regimen. Today I’m revealing exactly what you need to have in your beauty cabinet to put your best face forward as you jump into your 30’s.


I’ve been using these since I turned 20, but if you’ve yet to add them in, you need to once you hit 30. They are crucial when it comes to reducing the appearance of fine lines, as well as giving you an overall more smooth and even skin tone. In my 20’s, I used them once a day, applying to clean skin in the evening after my face wash and masks. My favorites for 30-somethings are:

A Force XR Retinol Serum Concentrate, Serious Skincare

Obagi360 Retinol 1.0, Obagi

Sleeping Masks / Oils

If you’re not sleeping in a solid lineup of skincare yet, you NEED to. I don’t ever go to bed without some sort of sleeping mask on top of all my serums and creams. Our bodies do the majority of regeneration at night, so if you’re not taking advantage of it by adding in key products, your skin is missing out big time! My favorites include anti-aging effects, and moisturizing properties, like these:

Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask, Fresh

Luna Sleeping Oil, Sunday Riley

Sleeping Mask – Orchid, Sephora

Sleeping Mask – Rose, Sephora


It’s time to start getting obsessed with serums, and oils. They’re an investment and should be treated as such. Now is the time to invest in your skin, and toss your drugstore options. Over the past few years, I have noticed my skin beginning to get a bit drier in certain areas, especially my eyes. Being an oily skin type my entire life, it’s been interesting to see how some of my favorite go-to products stop being as effective, given the shift in my skin. When you hit 30, it’s important to start adding in serums and oils to your routine for all parts of your body. Some offer different benefits based on the type of skin you have, and I’ve rounded up my go-to’s for just about every type:

Oily/Blemished Skin: UFO Oil, Sunday Riley / Super Pure, Glossier

Dry: Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment, Josie Maran

Anti-Aging: Retinol Firming & Lifting Serum, Algenist

Lips: Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy, Fresh

Eyes: RNA Power Eye Cream, SK-II / Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare


While I still use some gels, I find myself using more cream and oil based products to keep my skin’s oil production even. Especially in the winter! As you move into your 30’s, keeping your skin hydrated is super important in order to mitigate fine lines. Opt for cream moisturizers  I use one every morning before applying my makeup, and right after my serums. This also goes for your body too. Make sure you are using a moisturizer after your showers to reduce the signs of aging.

Priming Moisturizer Rich, Glossier

The Moisturizing Soft Creme, La Mer (I even use this as a sleeping mask for my face and/or lips in the winter)

Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer, Vaseline


One of the most common concerns for 30-somethings is an even pigment/brighter skin. As we age, our skin can sometimes get more dull, especially if you’re working long hours, or out in the elements a lot. Brighteners and essences work to

Facial Treatment Essence, SK-II (first thing on my face EVERY DAY.)

Super Glow, Glossier

Nu-Derm Blender, Obagi

Nu-Derm Sunfader, Obagi

Camu Camu Power C, Peter Thomas Roth

Beauty Flash Balm, Clarins

Sun Protection

If you’re not amping up your sun protection, now’s the time! I wear SPF 50 sunscreen daily (YES. Daily.) and have noticed that I have fewer wrinkles or signs of aging. My skin has looked pretty much the same since high school, and I’m convinced it’s because of this one hack. Plus, this is why bronzers and sunless tanners were invented! I simply shade my way to match the rest of my body in the summer months. I’ve linked THE best (bar none) facial self-tanner below too. I use all of these sunscreens, depending on the time of year.

Invisible Sheild SPF 35, Glossier (my everyday wear MUST)

Sublime Defense Ultra Lightweight Sunscreen, Algenist

UV Physical Broad Spectrum SPF41, Elta MD

Sport UV Defense SPF50, SkinCeuticals (KILLER for athletes, marathoners!)

Sun Shield Tinted Broad Spectrum SPF 50, Obagi

(Working) Cleansers

Gone are the years of simply washing off your makeup. Your cleansers need to be working toward your common goal as well, which is why I now follow a two-step cleansing routine. I use a mild cleanser to first remove makeup, but make sure that it’s one that won’t dry my skin. Glossier KILLS the game of makeup removal. Seriously.I follow with an anti-aging cleanser that matches the goals of my serums. I use my Clarisonic on the second step wash, and it really helps get the most out of the product with deep exfoliation and penetration.

Milky Jelly Cleanser, Glossier

A Wash Vitamin A Gel To Foam Cleanser, Serious Skincare

Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser, Obagi

Mia Skin Cleansing System, Clarisonic

These are all my top products ranked by effectiveness when it comes to your skin. However, sometimes these lists can be extremely daunting! If you’re unsure of where to (re)start when it comes to revamping your beauty cabinet, I also recommend these starter kits and tools.

PSA: This is also my BIGGEST best-kept skincare secret.

Yes, they’re on the pricey side, but they actually work and are a great way to invest in your skin to eliminate the need for injectables and surgery later. We invest in trendy shoes and bags, and now in your 30’s, you must invest in your skin, as it’s the only one we get. My mom has been using the Obagi system below for years, and she literally looks 20 years younger than her actual age.

Nu-Derm Fx System for Normal/Oily Skin, Obagi

Nu-Derm Fx System for Normal/Dry Skin, Obagi

Anti-Aging Acne Bonus Regimen, Murad

Photo by Christine of Christine Hanks Photography