Thiel Aurora: How Great Sound Transformed My Home

Let’s talk all things Theil Audio, guys. Specifically, the Aurora.

Music is a big part of my life, so having a great source to listen to it is important. I’ve spent the last few weeks getting to know my new Aurora and will be breaking it down this week, right in time for the holidays! It was insanely easy to set up and even survived my travels to Moab last month. Needless to say, it’s become a staple in my life.

There are a few things I’d like you to know about Thiel before we get into all the juicy sound details. First up, their rebranding: product brains AND beauty. Lead by a female team from their CEO to the mechanical engineer that designs their products, they’re crushing it when it comes to thinking outside the box. When I got the chance to meet and chat with their CEO at their San Francisco launch, she elaborated on their vision to elevate home audio beyond just good sound, but to integrate into a customer’s home seamlessly through an inconspicuous yet timeless design.

Now for the sexy stuff: sound. Your first question, how’s it stack up against the competition? I’m breaking down my post by category, and how each has made a difference in my everyday life.


I’ve had many speakers in the past, from Bose to B&O, and can confidently say the Aurora competes with the best of them. I used to love Bose back in college given its signature robust bassy sound. In comparison, the Aurora isn’t quite as bass filled, which is awesome, as I feel the sound is much more authentic as a result. As showcased at the Thiel popup in San Francisco, the sound gets even better as you multiply the sources. Any Sonos lovers out there? If you love your multiple speakers that allow you to move the sound around your house, you’ll be blown away by how the sound gets better as you add more speakers. This is not the case with Sonos but is on the Aurora. It’s wild. I felt like I was in a surround sound tank.


Have you ever gotten a pair of Bluetooth speakers, only to struggle with its connectivity, especially when you have several others that use the same device within the same household? Yup. I’ve been there in college, and when my family comes home for the holidays, and it hasn’t always been a breeze. After taking this device home earlier this year, I surprised at how easy it was to connect and get the music going. If you don’t believe me (given the fact that I’m a bit more technically adept than most), do know that my mom was able to set it up at home and playing via Spotify on her phone. What’s even more awesome? You can connect via WiFi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, AND an aux cable, unlike other competitors on the market.


This is a big one for me. I’m pretty hard on my electronics, given that I use them daily and travel a lot for adventure. These speakers have been tested to resist children, travel, and even give spectacular sound outside. We had a blast playing music out in Moab, and it never gave us issues and took our travel needs like a champ.


This is FREAKING HUGE for me. I used to hate the fact that Sonos had a horrible UI for SoundCloud, one of my top sources of music. It was difficult to set up a playlist, causing me to constantly change the track every single time: it would stop playing music unless another track was added to the queue, instead of just playing down the list. Some UI’s were easier, such as Spotify, but it was still difficult to look up playlists in the Sonos app. Say goodbye to a special app! You can play whatever music you choose, right from the same app you’re listening from. SOLD.


Still not sure about it? Thiel gives you a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you don’t love it, you can send it right back. How’s that for an investment? I’m also pumped to release my second music video this year, showcasing its incredible beauty and seamless fit into my home. Watch it below!

Check out the rest of their info right from their website. They’re still supporting holiday pricing (25% off), so grab one before they go back to full price!

What’s In My Bag: Fall Edit + A Life Update

Alright guys, settle in for a long, juicy one.

Fall is in full swing, and just like seasons, our beauty and fashion choices shift. Needless to say, it’s been a challenge chasing the needs of my skin with the fluctuating temperatures lately! As cooler temps start to approach, it’s super important to start strategizing your own personal skincare routine. It’s also even more important to take a moment to re-center after a season of summer travels. I also found it therapeutic this week to reset, recenter, and get creative after this past season’s dust settled. This week, I’m coupling my personal seasonal shift with my product shift, hand in hand.

Many of you may not know that I also balance a career in technology sales alongside my creative space here. That said, it can be freaking insanity for your skin and life balance. That goes for many of us, blogger or not. If you’re in a slump when it comes to figuring out how to balance your passions and work schedule at the same time, I want you to know that you are not alone, and there’s a solution.

Detox for fall.

Before you roll your eyes assuming this is a basics buzzword, hear me out. Detox is the yang to our personal yin. When you stop feeling guilty for your splurges and accept the balance you seek, only then will you be able to design your own life balance. Knowing your personal limits, whether that be 12 hour work days or 2 drinks at happy hour, gives you the power to realize your potential and also what hinders it. Crazy, right?  Failing will teach you a lot. Don’t be afraid of failing, just use it to your advantage.

I learned this past year that I needed a serious balance check, in work and life. Putting all my love and labor into a professional outlet and personal relationships that did not genuinely love me or support me back was toxic. When you take a step back to stop and suck the blockers out of your immediate surroundings, you find yourself again. When I say you, here’s what I don’t mean: your social image, who your friends are, what your body type is, or even the style you prefer to rock. Instead, I’m talking about what ignites your soul and what defines your values. Detox all the way to your soul, and re-edit.

This year, I edited everything: my unbalanced lifestyle, toxic relationships, toxic environments, and found the key to designing my true potential. Toss the stuff you don’t need in life: petty hate thrown your way, other people’s surface level opinions of you, and anything that’s not working with you. My vices? Behold:

Marine Collagen Peptide Drink Powder: This shit is gold. There’s a reason the beauty world is abuzz about collagen, boasting the whole inner beauty concept as their marketing. I dig it. It really is the key to building your best you from the inside out. Since adding this HSN gem to my nutritional lineup, I’m looking and feeling like a million bucks. I some of this stuff in my purse and add it to my water before meals or to my gym water bottle. Try it. Tell me your story!

Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack: Best affordable detox mask on the market in my opinion. I go through at least one of these every season, and it’s been a game changer for my skin. I even shared it with my techie male co-workers to prove a point in statistics. Straight and gay men alike dig it, and you should too. Stay tuned for a whole series coming soon: beauty shit even guys can get behind. Yes, beauty for all.

Glossier Super Pure: If your skin sucks due to stressful work weeks or a crap diet of traveling, this serum’s for you. I lean on this for fall post-Fashion Week and summer. We have spent the last few months living life and splurging on food and drinks, so it’s time to get our skin in check.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence: This has come to be a staple in my beauty edits. Why? It helps your serums work better, and makeup sit better. It’s pricey and well worth the splurge. As fall sets in, you must think about adding moisture to your skin. I pair this with my Super Bounce serum, and it’s the golden ticket to perfect skin this season and next.

Foreo Play Cleanser: This tiny tool is the shit too. If you aren’t exfoliating, you’re covering your skin with more buildup and making your face a breeding ground for toxicity. I love that this small version is an affordable way to wean yourself into the tool game, and can personally say it gets the job done. I traveled with mine to New York Fashion Week, and it was instrumental in making my skin stay sane amid a nuts work schedule.

Move. On your own terms.

My nuts schedule and normal stresses of life wrecked havoc on my skin, social life, and workout routine. It wasn’t until I started actively making time for myself (no matter where I was) that I was able to find a stride that worked for me. If you feel like you do the same workout trends day after day without anything to really show for it, DITCH it. I’ve found myself reaching for solutions instead of the dream that’s often sold, and it’s been life-changing. That said, I’m not here to shit on group fitness or other creative workouts, I’m just saying find your balance that works for you, your body, and your life. Here are the current secrets to my success:

MoveWith: This amazing San Francisco based fitness technology allows you to do your favorite workouts on your own, and more importantly on your schedule and the way you live. Ever wanted a run coach on your favorite run route around the water or across town? Sick of paying through the nose to workout? Here’s the key to your workout destiny. It’s something I also recommend to my personal training clients and take it from them, it’s the answer to their workaholic lifestyles.

Trigger Point Foot Foam Roller: This piece of gear is one of my best-kept secrets. We are on our feet most of our day, so we need to care for them properly. Between heels, high-intensity workouts, and natural stress, we need to give our feet the recovery they deserve. It’s easy to roll this under your desk at work, at home, and on the go! I keep this in my work and gym bag so it’s easy to incorporate into daily life.

Educate yourself.

I’m a firm believer in continued education, none of our learning is ever really finished. I like to keep myself up to date on everything from fashion, health, history, and technology, as it changes the way we continue to design our future. The more you understand the failures of our generation and adjust, the better of you will be to actually start doing some good in your own life, and out in the world. Here are some of my favorite sources of education:

Reddit: If you aren’t reading on this site, you are behind the power curve. Not everything is gospel here, you have to do your sifting and thinking yourself. It’s a great way to get the buzz on new products, brands, and a pulse on the world. It looks janky as fuck, but once you start bouncing around it starts to make more sense, as you search for things that matter to you. Try it out!

Fat Mascara: I fucking love this podcast. The ladies are hilarious, and the education is real. Listen along on your ride to work, at home, or while traveling! It will give you a new boost of creativity when it comes to your beauty choices, and also get you listening to some of the best in the industry when it comes to learning beauty and making it work for you.

The Balanced Blonde: I love Jordan for several reasons. One, she’s from my hometown, Sacramento, and secondly, she’s such a genuine spirit. If you haven’t read her book, you must, especially if it’s honest life balance you’re seeking. Life is about trials and errors, and finding what works for you, and her personal account and lessons learned are relatable for any of us navigating the world today.

The Skinny Confidential: I also fucking LOVE Lauryn. She’s very much my cup of tea: ballsy and smart as fuck. Have you ever wanted REAL reviews, real raw shit? Me too. I love her fresh approach to learning what works for you through trying new ways to make the world and products around you work for YOU. She’s my self-confidence muse, reminding me to stay true to myself. It’s also wonderful to spend my day reading and connecting with other like-minded gals through social media. Check her podcast and Facebook group out!

Do fucking YOU.

The sooner you start living life for you, and not the life others create for you, is when you hit your stride. That goes for the world you surround yourself with as well. Strive to fill your life with people and places that support you through tough times, not just the easy parts. I have created this blog as a way to shake up the normal stigma of navigating life, fashion, and beauty, and want to CHALLENGE each of you to TRY adding in one of these picks and pieces from any of my posts and make it yours. I’m not here to tell you how to live, dress, or simply mimic what I put together. The beauty is in the journey of designing how you approach both fashion and beauty. Try. Fail. Learn. Succeed.

Photos by Shannon Righetti of Shandru Photography

10 Things I Bet You Never Knew About Me

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a more personal post, and this time, it’s a super fun one at that: If you’ve ever wondered what I’m really like in real life, this one’s for you!

I was a Systems Engineering major for the first 3 years of my college career.

Many of you know that my background is in economics and finance, and you’re totally right on that! However, I initially started out learning to write code that controls electrical things like robots and Segways. I decided to switch because I knew I wanted to build my own business when I graduated (blogging) and knew having an understanding of how the market works would be extremely beneficial. I took the language skills with me (HTML, C++) and applied them to be completely self-sufficient on the design of my blog site! I’m super glad I got the best of both worlds and was able to use them both to build my career.

I’m an introvert.

You’d likely think the opposite given my professional career in technology sales/blogging, theater background, and group fitness experience, however, I couldn’t be any more opposite of extroverts. I truly love what I do and love spending time with those I love, but need more alone time than most to unwind after. Social hangovers are a real thing.

I was a collegiate cheerleader.

This one gets a “wait, WHATTT” by pretty much everyone who finds this out. I’ll give it to you: it’s a pretty fair assumption, and you’re not wrong for being confused by my signature RBF. Here’s why though: I love to perform, whether it’s singing, teaching group fitness, or theater, and I do a complete 180 from my usually stoic demeanor.

My first concert was George Strait.

Yep: between my love of grunge/metal/punk bands and personal style, you’d never guess I listen to country, much less go to shows. That said, I sure freaking do. I have an appreciation for every genre of music for the most part. The first concert I ever went to was George Strait when I was in second grade. We had front row tickets, and he gave me his pick at the end of the last song!

My biggest pet peeve is ignorance.

I’ve always been a super curious learner and reader, and pretty independent as a result (blame the introvert in me), so it’s always been a challenge for me to understand why others might not do their research before they boldly give advice or ignore another person’s point of view flat out. My parents always taught us to welcome and listen to both sides of a debate, as you need to in order to make an informed decision on where you stand. How I react to ignorance is a weakness of mine that I’m working on, and Eileen from RHOBH said it best: “I’ve learned that not everyone lives by the same values, and it’s something I need to take into consideration.” You can’t force others to see your point of view, but you can change the way you respond.

I can’t consume anything mint flavored.

Seriously. I have no idea why. My body just rejects it. That goes for toothpaste too, I use a bubble gum Hello Kitty one or that infamous blue sh*t by Colgate we had as kids. SERIOUSLY.

My guilty food pleasure is Taco Bell.

You’d likely not expect it given my fancy foodie/drink tendencies, and I couldn’t care less if people judge, because DAMN. A giant meal from TB just DOES it for me every now and then. Not sorry.

I love, love, LOVE a good horror/psychological thriller movie.

Call me a crazy person, but I share the same sentiments as Juno in the movie, Juno: “I love a good violent slasher movie.” Maybe it’s the far-fetched storyline or insane special effects makeup (swoon), but either way, they’re just my fave.

Kim Kardashian complimented me on my jeans once, while waiting for a table at the Hard Rock Hotel.

True story. I died: I was waiting for brunch with two of my guy co-workers in San Diego, and…yeah. I’ll never forget those crazy blinged out True Religions, they were 2009 in a nutshell. I remember hearing a girl’s voice behind me say “OMG your jeans are SO CUTE” and when I turned around, I had a mini panic attack internally, haha! Oddly enough, I was the cool one out of my group, thanking her, while my two guy friends stood with their mouths open.

Jenna Marbles is my spirit animal.

Would you ever guess?? It was her YouTube channel that inspired me back in the day to think about crafting my own creative space and turning it into a career that I loved. She’s just SO real, and smart as f*%k to boot, and I admire that. Her unconventional approach to becoming successful is inspiring and resonates with my own professional journey over the years. It was refreshing to see a wierd AF kindred spirit out there killing it yet remaining true to herself and values. If you’ve never checked out her channel, you MUST. I’ll leave you with two of my faves: one serious, and one hilarious AF.

Photo by Christine of Christine Hanks Photography

Makeup by Elisia at Sephora Embarcadero Center

What I’m Listening To This Summer

For those of you that are still getting to know me, you may not know to the full extent of how much I adore music, and making playlists. If you’ve never been to one of my workout classes or an event I’ve hosted, don’t worry, you can still listen along to most everything that’s on my personal rotations of playlists right from your own device too! I’ve rounded up some of my PRIME summer beats on two of my favorite platforms for you.

Summer Sounds

I’m a huge fan of DJ mixes, so if you’ve never ventured off Spotify to explore SoundCloud, you should! There are so many amazing hour long mixes that you can literally cue up and forget, making it easy to enjoy the moment with your friends or even by yourself. These ones have been on repeat in the sunny weekend weather recently! For more of my faves, follow along on my SoundCloud directly here.


I’ve also created a Spotify summer playlist (that I edit weekly), perfect for a sunny day at the beach, park, or right at home! Follow along right from this post, or follow this link to follow the playlist right from the app to access it on all your devices.

My Summer Device Must-Haves

I’ve rounded up exactly what I can’t live without this summer technology-wise, and exactly why you shouldn’t either.

Bluetooth Speaker String Lights

Literally THE most Instagrammable thing ever, and perfect for parties. I own two. Not even sorry.

Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

I’ve had this since college. The amount and quality of sound that comes out it is unbelievable, and it’s well worth the investment.

Lyrix Jive Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

These tiny speakers pack some serious sound, and they’re beach proof.

Apple Watch Series 2

I got one for my birthday this year, and I am totally hooked! Paired with my Bluetooth headphones, gone are the days of having to have your phone in your hand to change music, text, etc, all while being completely waterproof.

Dr. Dre Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

I cannot live without these headphones. I’ve had them for a few years- they’re comfortable, the sound is incredible, and they’re photogenic.

The Bright Line: The 3 Secrets to Finding Your Positive Again

This week, I’m getting real personal, and opening up about something I’ve been keeping below the surface for a while. It’s the stuff no one talks about: negativity.

However, it hasn’t been staying below the surface recently, and the reason why was because it didn’t belong there. Life isn’t always up. There are downs. That’s completely normal, and it’s healthy to acknowledge those feelings without having them define you. To say I have had a challenging few months emotionally is an understatement. After hitting speed bumps this year, I struggled with the positive thinking factor and it often made me feel worse about myself. The more I tried to force the feelings shut with a happy face, the worse the anxiety got, especially as a blogger, constantly being in the public eye. However, the truth is, I’m a real person, with real feelings. It’s okay to experience hardship and feel all the feels that go with it.

As a trainer and sales exec, it’s in my blood to help understand and empower others to realize their potential and find that the solution lies inside them, especially when it becomes almost impossible for them to see. I’ll start off by calling myself out on it, as for a while recently, I stopped taking my own advice. I felt ashamed for feeling upset and felt so much pressure to just roll over and jump back into positivity. I found myself self-sabotaging instead. It was toxic.

The bright line: a clearly defined standard, or state of mind. It establishes a clear marker for what is, and what is not. It’s not a mantra. It’s easy to make fuzzy statements and lie to yourself, however, these light and warm promises make it easier to not hold yourself accountable, as they’re impossible to measure.

The real solution to finding your true positive nature again are these three steps; it’s how I’m returning to the person I am deep in my heart: loving, honest, and passionately happy.

1. Feel the negative feels.

Negative thoughts are the yang to the positive yin. Life is a balance of the two, and it’s healthy to voice both them. Not all day all the time, but just that: balance. That’s always bothered me about the power of positive thinking movement. I felt so ashamed for my feelings; that approach didn’t solve it, it just buried deep down where it grew even bigger. It wasn’t healthy. When you’re in pain physically from an injury, it’s not irrelevant, and it’s a feeling that reflects your current reality.

When you experience emotions as a result of a traumatic event, it’s a rational and completely normal reaction. They are feelings that should never be ignored, but rather accepted, and heard. Why? Without those feelings, you cannot truly listen to yourself, and find out that they may be telling you something really important. Once you have acknowledged and let those feelings take their course, you’ll be able to let it go and find your heart again.

2. Establish YOUR bright lines.

Words matter. What bright lines are not:

“I want to eat healthier.”

“I want to lose 10 pounds.”

“I want to have more work-life balance.”

“I should be happy and secure with what I’ve accomplished in life so far, and where I’m going.” -me

Think about what these statements mean. They’re wishes, not action steps. Write down small steps you can take toward your goal, and make it a rule.

“I eat veggies with every meal.”

“I workout 3 times a week.”

“I only answer emails at work, and take time for myself once I leave the office.”

“I am grateful for everything in my life, and I show that to those around me by telling them I value them.” -me

3. Conserve your willpower for what matters.

By establishing clear lines for navigating your life, you save energy for what matters: changing your perspective. Dwelling around aimlessly on a wish, and trying to fix every perspective that’s relatable in your head is toxic, and dangerous. I learned that when you experience intense pain or hardship, it’s a challenging road back to who you are. When you take a huge blow and begin to rebuild, you are going to have good days, and you’re also going to have bad ones. Really bad ones. Trust me, I’ve been there. What’s important to remember, is that THAT is okay.

The most important step is acknowledging the negative, and accepting it. It’s okay to have negative thoughts every now and then, and they do not define you. You are defined by how you grow from setbacks, not by the negative thoughts you have in your darkest days. When you accept that there will be small failures along the way, you grow back in a healthy way. Holding yourself to this unrealistic constant state of positivity is detrimental in a crisis, and can sometimes be exactly what’s holding you back from finding your original happiness. Doing that is to live in self-denial, and that’s not healthy.

Take small steps with multiple bright lines, and focus on the positive of achieving the small things first. The rest will follow.

Turning 1, and Turning 30

Looking back at where I was a year ago, the old me would have never thought that so much could change in just 365 days. When I decided that it was time for The Haute Sweat to go live, I never thought my dream of writing and being a trainer/instructor would be a goal that would be achieved in one year. It was a goal, just one on a more modest timeline. It was also because I was still a little chicken shit of making it a “dive in with both feet” kind of thing like my heart told me to do back when I talked about my goals this past year here.

It wasn’t until I found myself 20 pounds heavier, and stuck in soul-sucking 9-5 job that I realized I was making the same mistakes all over again by staying within the safety net. Regardless of the fact that I was studying for my personal trainer exam (half ass-edly, let’s be real) and working a job on my free time that complimented my goals, I was still putting my potential on hold. I wasn’t 20 anymore. I didn’t have the luxury of time to put things off, and more importantly, I was sick of being an angry person that stress ate. Without an official job on the other end, I traded my Louboutins for stretchy pants anyway, and never looked back. It has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. When you take a running leap in the direction of your gut instincts, nothing but good things can come of it, and I can tell you that those things sure have.

I’ve learned more about myself in the past 3 months than I ever did in my twenties. Turning 30 in three short months is still a little intimidating for me. Did I think that I would be a lot farther down a specific career path by now? Yep. Did I think that I would have a lot more things figured out? You effing BET. However, I believe turning 30 truly means that you learn to see life as it really is: really fucking hard. It’s a constant lesson. Growing up means learning to understand and appreciate the work it takes to become something, and learning to accept failure and grow from it. As I look back on the last year of my twenties, I can honestly say for the first time in my life, that I am truly proud of myself and the road I have paved for the future.

It’s only January, but my new career as a personal trainer/instructor/writer is already snowballing into some serious success. I am grateful for those who have mentored me and cheered for me along the way this year, and cannot express my gratitude for you. Lululemon Run Club and Barry’s SF, I’m talking to you. Additionally, thanks Mom & Dad for the camera and loving support of my calling as a fitness professional, even though you don’t see the big picture just yet.


Here’s to another year of kicking ass on the blog, on the trail, and in the studio. San Francisco, you’ve been warned.

Diaries of a California Girl: Why the surf will always be a part of who I am (and beauty products that kick the salt water’s ass too)

If there is one thing I cannot live without, it’s living near the ocean. It’s the one place that truly centers me, and the one place that can make my workout even more amazing. No matter how bad a day I have had, I can always solve it with a quick surf sesh or a nice long beach run. Hell, I’ve even driven out there to just sit sometimes.

This week, I decided that it was high time that I showed y’all the amazingness of the beaches here within city limits, and let you take a peek into my unapologetic love of being a surf bum. Complete with a waterproof beauty product review as well, of course. Because Running Pretty, yo.

Without further ado, I give you Ocean Beach, paired with all my favorite gear, captured by Rachel again at Rachel Radcliffe Photography!


I currently ride a 7’6″ by Miramar Surfboards, and am searching for my second board right now, between 6’0″ and 6’5″, and will share my finds and fave surf shops once I do.

I finally upgraded to an SUV again, and had a bittersweet breakup with my convertible. The main reason was transport for my surf boards, and my ski equipment in Tahoe. Life was a dream bringing my gear out for this shoot.


There is truly nothing more beautiful than the beach at dawn. The misty touch of the fog on your face and the slow stream of sunlight seeping though are truly captivating. There is nothing more peaceful and blissful than the smell of salt coupled with the sound of waves.

At Ocean Beach, the sun rarely shines, but honestly I believe that’s what makes it so beautiful. Conversely, the few times you do get sun makes it even more magical in the morning. The wind is always present, making the need for layers and post-surf sets of layers to make your visit bearable. I used to surf in bikinis under my wetsuit, but have recently began testing out various compression shorts as an alternative, to help me combat the aggressive waves here. While I love sand, sand burns are the worst, so I decided to figure out a solution to make a rash guard solution for my booty.

I decided to put Hylete’s Compete compression shorts to the test (initially featured previously here), and they were the perfect solution! Lululemon’s Boogie shorts are too thick for this purpose, and end up rolling under your wet suit, making it an even bigger breeding ground for rashes. You want something extremely lightweight and form fitting for comfort, as well as drying fast post-surf.


IMG_4576 IMG_4645

I adore Roxy by Quiksilver for my wet suits, they are functional and always cute! I am rocking a 4/3 in this shoot, and it does just fine with the temps at Ocean Beach.

I’m also currently loving the new “Bombshell” series by Rip Curl (can we say ummmm ADORBS?!), and can’t wait for mine to come in! However, I won’t be testing it out until I can catch some waves in some non-freezing water. Hellooo Australian vacay: I need one STAT.IMG_4686

As a self proclaimed Lulu addict, y’all are all too familiar with my love/hate relationship with their cute but not always functional pieces. So, putting surfing and Lululemon in the same sentence was a bit laughable for me at first.

You wouldn’t think it, but Lululemon actually has some functional surf pieces. I was their most vocal balk when they released their first round of “surf” gear, but was pleasantly surprised by a couple of the pieces. The “One Love Rash Guard” (sold out) is a pretty decent piece of gear in my opinion. My lovely gal pal Erin did a fabulous showcase on it here. Equipped with an adorable zipper leash and key pocket, this thing thought of everything. I hate squeezing into tight rash guards, so having the option of not squeezing my wet and sandy dome through a tiny ass head opening post surf is a dream.

I even tested out the survivability of one of my favorite Lulu bras, the Energy Bra, instead of a bikini top, and it rocked.



I had an absolute blast with this shoot. I’ll let the fun part speak for itself in these breathtaking photos! Rachel nailed it.

IMG_4765   IMG_4901IMG_4773IMG_4795 IMG_5008IMG_5018IMG_5033

Beauty Products Used

Lips: YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain

Foundation: Diorshow Airflash Spray Foundation

Liner: c/o Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Eye Primer: MAC Paints in Untitled

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow

Mascara: Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara

See below for post surf performance:


Post Surf Layers

I found this bitchin’ sweater hoodie at Forever 21 of all places. I love it, and you can still get your hands on it this season.

My Hylete shorts were already dry and ready for the car ride home. Easy peasy.

Stay tuned, I will be partnering with Hylete for a sizable discount off your first purchase though my blog’s link, so check back soon so you can give this amazing apparel a try!