Sporty Holiday Style: The Iconic Red Dress

There’s nothing more holiday than the iconic red dress, am I right? I had so much fun collaborating with a few of my fellow blogger babes this season on finding the perfect red dress for the holidays. Check their posts out here:

Brandi Soileau/Jadore Grace/Styled in Blue/Christine-Marie/Lots of Sass/Sassy & Dangerous

I decided to add sporty splash this season. With athleisure and the fancy sneaker trend riding a major wave this year, it’s the perfect time to add a little funk to your holiday party getups. This year, velvet has played a major role in my styling choices, making it an easy choice for the holidays as well. I rarely buy holiday dresses or any formalwear for that matter, as it’s much easier to rent as it’s not something I’d wear more than once.

I chose to pick a piece that would be versatile across all codes of dress: the blazer dress! It makes a perfect choice for office parties and happy hours alike. Additionally, you can wear this dress open, making it easy to style for the office with leggings or jeans. I’m so pumped to use it later next year as such!

To style this dress on the sporty side, I paired it with one of my favorite ball caps. If you want a more casual look, try adding a pair of statement sneakers to the mix! I’ll be swapping out my Rockstuds for my cracked patent leather Creepers for a holiday party later this evening! If you want a little more glam, go for a statement accessory! I’ve been adding this feather collar to everything this year, from sweatshirts to dresses.


Outfit Details

Dress: Burgundy Crushed Velvet Blazer Dress, Missguided

Shoes: Rockstud Slingback, Valentino in Black/Nude (affordable dupes here!)

Collar: Feathered Collar, Thread Lounge

Hat: Faux Leather Ball Cap, Forever 21 (OLD) similar here

Bag: Vitello Daino Leather Tote, Prada

Makeup Details

Primer: Perfect Canvas Serum, c/o Ren Skincare

Foundation: Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, Fenty Beauty in 210

Highlighter: Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, Fenty Beauty in Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal

Contour: Match Stix Matte Skin Stick, Fenty Beauty in Mocha and Rum

Eyes: Eye-conic Multi-finish Eyeshadow Palette, Marc Jacobs in Frivoluxe

Lips: Rouge Pur Couture Dazzling Lights Limited Edition Lipstick, YSL

Hair: AIR DRY IT Undone Styling Creme, c/o L’Oreal

Photos by Rachel Radcliffe Photography

Thiel Aurora: How Great Sound Transformed My Home

Let’s talk all things Theil Audio, guys. Specifically, the Aurora.

Music is a big part of my life, so having a great source to listen to it is important. I’ve spent the last few weeks getting to know my new Aurora and will be breaking it down this week, right in time for the holidays! It was insanely easy to set up and even survived my travels to Moab last month. Needless to say, it’s become a staple in my life.

There are a few things I’d like you to know about Thiel before we get into all the juicy sound details. First up, their rebranding: product brains AND beauty. Lead by a female team from their CEO to the mechanical engineer that designs their products, they’re crushing it when it comes to thinking outside the box. When I got the chance to meet and chat with their CEO at their San Francisco launch, she elaborated on their vision to elevate home audio beyond just good sound, but to integrate into a customer’s home seamlessly through an inconspicuous yet timeless design.

Now for the sexy stuff: sound. Your first question, how’s it stack up against the competition? I’m breaking down my post by category, and how each has made a difference in my everyday life.


I’ve had many speakers in the past, from Bose to B&O, and can confidently say the Aurora competes with the best of them. I used to love Bose back in college given its signature robust bassy sound. In comparison, the Aurora isn’t quite as bass filled, which is awesome, as I feel the sound is much more authentic as a result. As showcased at the Thiel popup in San Francisco, the sound gets even better as you multiply the sources. Any Sonos lovers out there? If you love your multiple speakers that allow you to move the sound around your house, you’ll be blown away by how the sound gets better as you add more speakers. This is not the case with Sonos but is on the Aurora. It’s wild. I felt like I was in a surround sound tank.


Have you ever gotten a pair of Bluetooth speakers, only to struggle with its connectivity, especially when you have several others that use the same device within the same household? Yup. I’ve been there in college, and when my family comes home for the holidays, and it hasn’t always been a breeze. After taking this device home earlier this year, I surprised at how easy it was to connect and get the music going. If you don’t believe me (given the fact that I’m a bit more technically adept than most), do know that my mom was able to set it up at home and playing via Spotify on her phone. What’s even more awesome? You can connect via WiFi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, AND an aux cable, unlike other competitors on the market.


This is a big one for me. I’m pretty hard on my electronics, given that I use them daily and travel a lot for adventure. These speakers have been tested to resist children, travel, and even give spectacular sound outside. We had a blast playing music out in Moab, and it never gave us issues and took our travel needs like a champ.


This is FREAKING HUGE for me. I used to hate the fact that Sonos had a horrible UI for SoundCloud, one of my top sources of music. It was difficult to set up a playlist, causing me to constantly change the track every single time: it would stop playing music unless another track was added to the queue, instead of just playing down the list. Some UI’s were easier, such as Spotify, but it was still difficult to look up playlists in the Sonos app. Say goodbye to a special app! You can play whatever music you choose, right from the same app you’re listening from. SOLD.


Still not sure about it? Thiel gives you a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you don’t love it, you can send it right back. How’s that for an investment? I’m also pumped to release my second music video this year, showcasing its incredible beauty and seamless fit into my home. Watch it below!

Check out the rest of their info right from their website. They’re still supporting holiday pricing (25% off), so grab one before they go back to full price!

The Velvet Moto Jacket: The Piece Of The Season

Where are my fellow velvet lovers at? This post’s for you.

The velvet trend has shown no signs of slowing, and I couldn’t be more pumped about it! It’s a fabric that can be dressed up or down, either through booties or a pleated midi skirt. I came across this killer jacket right before I left for Moab, and was pumped to take a more casual option with me for the cooler nights out in town with the guys. If you’re looking to step up your game from the traditional black leather moto jacket, this is it. Another cool fact? It’s under $50 and comes in multiple colors.

While I usually invest in quality pieces for outerwear and shoes, I like to add a few trendy and more affordable pieces to my wardrobe each season to keep it stylish. Statement outerwear is number one on my list for winter. If you’re looking for longevity, the moto jacket is an iconic style, making it easy to style season after season. Add crushed velvet to it? You now have the piece of the season!

I’ve also had so much fun styling my Fenty Puma Ankle Strap Cleated Creepers with everything from jeans shorts to jersey dresses this summer. They’re still my number one shoe staple this fall and winter, and pair perfectly with jeans or a wool pencil skirt and a chunky sweater. Can you believe I also took them to Moab and HIKED in them? Moab is known for its fine red clay dust, and these sneakers not only held up to it, they wiped clean as soon as I got home. How’s that for versatility? There is such a thing as doing active things in style, and I’m here to help you find those pieces to do so.

Outfit Details

Jacket: Crushed Velvet Moto Jacket in Hunter Green, Forever 21

Top: Natalia Bell Tie Sleeve Plaid Flannel, BeachLunchLounge

Beanie: Pom Beanie (OLD), Forever21, similar here

Jeans: Wedgie Fit Jeans, Levi’s

Sneakers: Ankle Strap Cleated Creeper Sneaker in Black/White, Fenty x Puma

Water Bottle: Spike Jet Waterbottle, Bkr

Makeup Details

Primer: Perfect Canvas Serum, c/o Ren Skincare

Foundation: Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, Fenty Beauty in 210

Highlighter: Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, Fenty Beauty in Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal

Contour: Match Stix Matte Skin Stick, Fenty Beauty in Mocha and Rum

Eyes: Lila Eyeshadow Palette, Natasha Denona

Lips: Lip Color, Tom Ford in Bare Peach

Hair: AIR DRY IT Undone Styling Creme, c/o L’Oreal

Photos by Rachel Radcliffe Photography

The Ultimate Guy Gift Guide: A Tomboy’s Hack

Struggling with finding the right and non-lame gift for your hubby, brother, or significant other? I’ve got you covered. As a tomboy, I’m in on the pulse when it comes to things guys gush about, and what’s overdone. I’m using my dude-like interests this week to give you a short list of things you may not have heard of when it comes to shopping for your favorite man. It’s even been signed off on by my brother for added peace of mind.

For the Minimalist

If the guy your buying for isn’t much of a stocking stuffer lover, there’s still hope! Instead, opt for things that will integrate into their daily routines by optimizing their time.

Thiel Aurora Home Audio: Give the gift of quality sound this Christmas! If your guy is a music lover, the Thiel Aurora is a must. Expertly crafted to deliver the sound music producers created music to sound like, it’s a huge upgrade to an iHome or even the standard Beats or Bose product. I have the home version (and have had Bose and Beats in the past) and can confidently say it’s the best speaker I’ve ever used. You can choose between the travel-friendly option or the home option depending on your guy’s needs.

MoveWith: If the man your shopping for loves to workout, and also leads a busy life or unconventional work schedule, this awesome fitness subscription app is a winner. MoveWith is offering a 3-month membership for the holidays, so it’s a great way to try it out. The best part? It’s less than $8 per month, bringing the net cost under $25. Once logged into his account, he will be able to choose from a variety of workouts from HIIT, running, yoga, meditation, and much more. All the workouts are doable most anywhere, even in their own home! You’re giving a gift of power to control his own workouts without fighting with his current professional schedule.

Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow: Getting great sleep is always in style. If your guy hates gifts, give him something that he can use every single day! I have this particular pillow along with my Tempurpedic one and love it. It’s a staple for summer months in the city when the weather is unbearably hot.

quip Toothbrush: Great smiles are also always in style. If you haven’t seen this techie hipster toothbrush on social media yet, I’m here to tell you that it’s worth the hype. Several of my male co-workers have one of these and can vouch that it’s a great choice. This won’t take up tons of counter space in his city apartment either like Sonicares, so it’s easy to integrate for a minimalist.

Native Union Leather iPhone Wallet Case: This is practical and GQ as hell. This makes a great gift for any guy, and it’s only $50!

The Morph Collapsible Foam Roller: This takes up little to no room at home, and is a killer travel companion, perfect for someone active that travels or hates having extra gadgets taking up space around the house. It’s easily stored on a bookshelf or under the couch for easy storage.

For the Active Outdoorsy Guy

Would you guy rather spend his time amid the great outdoors than a fancy meal or drink out? These picks will up his game when it comes to his expeditions and how he documents them.

DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal For Smartphones: DJI is the leader when it comes to killer tech like drones, etc. If he loves making videos to document his travels, this incredible piece of gear is a must. It stabilizes video content while you run or hike, making for some killer content! It fits all phones universally, so it makes an easy fit for everyone. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require a ton of practice to get it going. It’s easy to pack too.

North Face Base Camp Duffel: The most universal and rugged bag on the market. This bag is not only resistant to tears, it’s also waterproof, making it a solid investment for travel, backpacking, and all outdoor sports. My brother has several of them in various sizes, and it’s one piece of gear that has proved it’s worth over the years. If it can withstand military deployments, countless BASE jumping expeditions, and more, it will deliver for your guy too! If he has a lot of outdoor toys, opt for the bigger option here and here.

Glossier Invisible Shield: Guys need skin care too! If you guy hates applying sunscreen because of the terrible smell, this one is bound to do the trick. It’s small too, so it’s easy to pack into his daypack or ruck. It makes a great stocking stuffer! This has been brother approved as well, so if you’re worried it seems girly, it’s not.

Smartwool Running Socks: Trade out his cotton socks for a killer wool upgrade, that will help him stay blister free during workouts and work.

For the Extra Guy

We all have an extra AF GQ gentleman in our lives. These gifts are guaranteed to impress their elevated sense of style and efficiency!

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Candle: This was a gift for one of my previous relationships, and I can say it was very well received. The scent of this particular candle gives off a very classy yet masculine aroma, making it a killer piece for someone who entertains or simply likes to retreat to an extra-luxe man cave. No guy will actually buy it themselves, but when given as a gift, it’s been rated as a killer pick.

MONTBLANC Card Holder: For a slim wallet option, this piece delivers. It’s bougie yet practical and will last for years to come. It’s under $150 as well.

DJI Phantom 3 Drone: If you guy is a techie, this one is one hell of a gift. While on the pricey side, it’s a solid investment for guys that travel a lot or like to do lots of cool things outdoors. It does take a learning curve, so if they’re a gadget head, it’s perfect. I got the chance to play around with one in Moab with the guys, and have to say it’s freaking cool AF.

Porthole Alcohol Infuser: This is a killer gift for the top shelf liquor loving guy, as you can infuse literally everything from truffles to herbs for a twist on home cocktails. Give this to the guy that loves to host! This also works for iced teas and any other drink you can imagine, so if they’re not a big drinker, it’s still a solid gift. For a more price friendly option, try this one instead.

GoPro Hero+: This is a great starter GoPro for anyone looking to take their videos to the next level and right around $200. You’ll get 1080p video at up to 60fps, and connects via WiFi or Bluetooth. For an extra $100, set him up with the full starter pack of accessories!

MoveWith: Getting My Groove Back

Can you guys believe it’s December next week? The year has totally flown by! If you’ve been following along this year, you’ll know that 2017 has been an eventful and inspiring year for me. However, my personal fitness routine took a hit as a result. Between the stresses of a full-time career in technology plus major strides forward here on the blog, it was tough. It wasn’t until I experienced my first panic attack that it became clear things needed to change.

This week, I am getting personal when it comes to stress and the importance of a regular workout routine. Why? It’s because I’m sure many of you fellow strong-willed men and women out there feel the same: stressed, but too tough to admit it. As a trainer myself, I feel you, truly. If you’re currently working crazy hours and/or balancing a family, and have jumped off your self-care wagon as a result, that’s okay. Admitting you are struggling is the first important step of this journey. I found myself working nearly 18 hours 5 days a week, and no time left to work out. On weekends, I found myself glued to my bed sleeping non-stop. It was upsetting.

When I did find time to workout, it was often after most boutique studios had closed, making it difficult to use my memberships. I wasn’t in the right headspace to power through a solo workout on my own given my stress levels, and I felt completely helpless. Cue MoveWith: a fitness app geared to get you moving regardless of your location, time, or equipment at hand. It bitch slapped my excuses, hard. I’ve been climbing out of my sedentary abyss since September, and I can confidently say my groove is back, and new goals are on the horizon as a result.

Whether you’re an indoor gym rat or a trail runner who loves the great outdoors, it works. Have you ever wished you could have an audio recording of your favorite gym classes or a guided run along the harbor? Yup. Me too. The introvert in me also jumps for joy: I get to fully relax my mind without any external distractions, making the experience even more calming and effective for me. I even get to take classes from some of my favorite trainers ACROSS the country: to include my favorite local run coach Alex Ho, and trainers Lindsey Clayton and Amber Rees of Brave Body Project, to name a few.

I now force myself to set aside at least three to four times during the week to workout, and another two to simply move and breathe through guided meditation. It’s my favorite way to drift off to sleep, using one of the quick 15-minute stress relief sessions to calm my mind before bed. It’s now become a staple in my daily routine, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

At this point, you’re probably wondering, “okay, so what’s the price and catch?” Get ready to be relieved: MoveWith is only $7.99 a month, no class limit, ever. What’s even better? They offer a seven-day free trial, no strings attached. How’s that for a return on investment?  If this sounds like a solution that may work for you too, check them out in the App Store or directly. It also makes a killer gift for friends or family. Kick your excuses to the curb, try it for seven days, and let me know what you think!

Thank you to MoveWith and Carbon38 for sponsoring this post. 

Outfit Details

Bra: Ignite Crop Top, Michi c/o Carbon38

Leggings: Set Position Legging, PE Nation c/o Carbon38

Shoes: Wool Runners, Allbirds

Makeup Details

Primer: Perfect Canvas Serum, c/o Ren Skincare

Foundation: Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, Fenty Beauty in 210

Highlighter: Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, Fenty Beauty in Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal

Contour: Match Stix Matte Skin Stick, Fenty Beauty in Mocha and Rum

Eyes: Wet & Dry Glow Shadow, Burberry in Gold Pearl

Lips: Lip Maestro, Georgio Armani in 202

Hair: Drybar Santa Monica

Photo by Maggie Zulovic for Carbon38

Cyber Monday: The Beauty Hack

Black Friday’s down, and you’ve likely conquered the majority of your holiday haul. If you’ve been fending off your personal wants this weekend, Cyber Monday is the perfect time to scratch that itch. I’m talking to you, fellow Sephora Rouge-heads. Being a personal indulgence, it’s a perfect time to nail down some serious #selfcare. Am I right? This year, I’m breaking down the best of beauty by age. This ensures you’re getting the maximum return on investment on each product.

All the sh%t you need, none of the sh%t you don’t. Sound like a less guilty pleasure now?


Ladies and gents, these years are the golden years when it comes to our skin, so it’s important to lay the proper groundwork. These picks will ensure your skin remains as healthy as possible.

Glossier Super Pure: If you get nothing else from the Supers collection of serums, Pure is the way to go. From college parties to our first jobs, life can treat our skin a little rough from bad diets, alcohol, and stress. The good news? This serum does it all. 20% off sitewide!

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint: your twenties are your years to live boldly, but likely not on just as bold of a budget. This luxury beauty brand is super reasonably priced without any sacrifice to the product. While I haven’t tested it personally, I can say the word on the street from Sephora makeup artists are that it’s legit AF. Cyber Monday is the best time to grab it too.

Too Faced HangoverRx & Beauty Blender Sleep Set: OMG THIS SET. Take it from a gal who likes to socialize: this sh%t works. Whether you’ve had 4 hours of sleep or still haven’t kicked that hangover, it totally refreshes your skin. I sampled it as a joke in Vegas one year and was hooked ever since. This set includes their new version, the spray, and it’s divine AF.

Glossier Invisible Shield: If you aren’t using sunscreen, you are going to hate yourself in your 30’s. Save on the future botox bill by laying the proper foundation now. I love this new addition to their collection: it plays well with makeup and doesn’t smell or feel like crap. Buy it for 20% off today.

30-somethings & beyond

These are the years for you to “get your shit together” when it comes to skincare. Each of the following is cherry-picked by me based on the reputation of the brand and their performance on myself and others I know.

Sunday Riley Auto Correct Brightening & Depuffing Eye Contour Cream: I couldn’t be more impressed by Sunday Riley. I’ve used both Good Genes and Luna over the past year and have noticed a drastic difference in my skin. I have high hopes for this one. What if it sucks for you? No sweat: Sephora’s got you with that killer return policy. No buyer’s remorse! It’s a no-brainer.

Glossier You Fragrance: If you’ve spent the better half of your 20’s fighting (and losing) the battle when it comes to finding the right perfume, I got you. Glossier has body slammed the beauty competition again, this time with fragrance. This scent works with your own skin, making it different for every person, yet completely universal. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. At 20% off, it’s a great way to try it out.

Cover Girl Outlast Lip Topcoat: Once we hit our 30’s, our lips just don’t seem to hold color as well. I swear by this product for all my lippies that have trouble sticking around past appetizers. This drugstore product is one hell of a gem. Take 40% off all Cover Girl at Ulta today.

Serious Skincare Insta Selfie: This primer is the absolute sh%t. Fine lines? Gone. Want to wear no makeup? Also a go. My skin has never looked better makeup or no-makeup. It’s 30% off sitewide too, so pick up some of their A Defiance line too for an extra boost in anti-aging!


Consider these picks the Cyber Monday equivalent of the obnoxious media emergency announcement: Read. HEED.

Narssisist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette: All my NARS ladies, you know the drill. Newbies? Grab your wallets. This will be guaranteed to sell out, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Limited edition king of all neutral palette? It’s a Mike Tyson: a done deal. Grab or face buyer’s remorse. Still not convinced? It’s a $200 value for $59. GO.

ghd Nocturne Flat Iron Set: If you’ve been itching to ditch that old CHI, now’s the f&%in’ time. I’ve owned a ghd for 8 years now, and it’s still going strong. My hair looks and feels better in comparison, and this set pampers you with a cute storage bag and extra products for nearly half the retail price of just the iron. Go fetch!

Huda Beauty Obsessions Eye Palette: Also a cult must have. The new Mauve palette is the perfect neutral palette for day and night, and perfect for you ladies looking to kick it up a notch from the basic scale. Plus it’s less than $30, meaning it will go quick.

Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette: Okay I know, I am going ape-shit on palettes today, and honestly, this one deserves the lineup as much as the others. This is an all around, one-stop shop for your makeup needs. Fellow lazy gals? This one’s for you. One palette for your entire jet set. It’s 50% off at Ulta today, online only.

Black Friday: The Hacker’s List

Hey hey, my fellow online shopping night owls! We’re a few hours post dinner, and now settling into our strategy for tomorrow. Am I right? If you’re overwhelmed with options, or simply a procrastinator, it’s okay, I’ve got a quick game plan for ya.

I love the thrill of Black Friday for the same reason I love video games: the thrill of the chase. However, I also love the opportunity to use strategy to make it as painless as possible. If you’re shopping from your laptop tomorrow, I’ve got you boo: to help you not only maximize your savings but also earn maximum rewards back too! In?

Before You Shop: Pro Tips

Rewards Credit Cards

If you have rewards credit cards, Black Friday is the time to use them! I do all my major shopping hauls on my airline credit card to earn rewards for new trips, perks, etc.


How many times have you all felt mega buyer’s remorse? Me too. Don’t worry about it, instead be proactive about it. I like to set an overarching budget for all gifts and distribute from there. It’s super helpful and actually helps weed out the fluff and subsequent remorse.

Use Discounted Gift Cards

This is one of my best-kept secrets. Did you know that millions of dollars in gift cards go unused? Do you wish you could sell your gift card for cash? You can. For less. I often pick up (and sell!) gift cards to places I don’t use, and vice versa. Raise is a SUPER safe discount site, and if you don’t believe me, take it from the experts: they’re backed by Accel Partners.

Go Time: My Picks

Significant Others & Family

I believe in the power of quality over quantity when it comes to holiday shopping, as I find I use a well thought out gift more than just a few of my favorite stocking stuffers. Even though the price tag might be a little bit higher, it’s bound to be a thoughtful one that will last for many years to come!

Theil Audio Aurora

This is for all your music lovers or a great gift for your significant other or family. I had the pleasure of meeting the team at Thiel this past month, and after chatting with their CEO I couldn’t be more pumped to watch them disrupt the home audio vertical. Their product is meticulously engineered to deliver sound exactly as music producers worked hard to create, in real life. I couldn’t be more blown away by mine, and stay tuned for a full post about it later as I begin to test it out to learn the tips and tricks for you.

Sale runs until Sunday, and use BLACKFRIDAY at checkout to get 25% off.

Valentino Rockstud Wallet

Here’s your chance to score the hottest style of the past few years at 40%. Net-A-Porter is one of my favorite places to shop for designer items, as the deals are fantastic!

Net-A-Porter’s sale runs through Sunday, take up to 50% off sale items, no code needed.

Sam Edelman Velvet Lace Up Bootie

Loved my black tie up booties from my New Mexico trip? Look no further! This pair is only $80.


Prada Metallic Wallet

I’ve been getting so many questions about my silver Saint Laurent mini wallet, and I found this similar option for you. Guess what? It’s even under $200! Give this as a gift to your fashionista bestie, or snag one for yourself!

Touch XL Dimmable LED Makeup Mirror

Have it. F&%in’ lurrvvv it. It’s under $50 and makes a great investment into optimizing your space in your apartment as far as beauty goes.

Google Home

I’ve gotten the chance to play around with this at work, and I must say I’m impressed. This baby is on sale at Nordies, which means you can score a killer gift with an even better loyalty reward. On sale, it comes to less than $80. Remember to use your triple points day, especially if there’s more in the cart!

Swell White/ Calcutta Gold Insulated Bottle

These and Bkr bottles are my number one holiday gift this season! I love the price point, as it’s perfect for just about everyone.

Bkr Bottle

This is a great way to earn mega points back for your rewards at Sephora, or Nordies! While there isn’t a dedicated sale, the payoff you get in your direction is a killer compromise.

Black Friday Quick Browses

Because efficiency, I’ve also rounded up some of the most popular retailers we shop at today under one list for a quick easy link into each of their sale pages. Browse and choose on your own accord right from the site!

Glossier: 20% off site wide! Go fetch.

Carbon38: 30% off sitewide with HOLIDAY38

Bandier: 20% off everything.

ASOS: 30% off everything with EPIC30

Nordstrom: extra 20% off sale items

Sephora: Special edition and limited edition value packs galore! Plus. Bkr bottles. Because VIB Rouge.

All Saints: up to 40% off everything. My favorite retailer ever for sweaters and jackets.

Missguided: 50% off EVERYTHING.

SHOPBOP: 75% off sale items, and 30% off full price items sitewide.

Revolve: 50% off selected items.

Nordstrom Rack: extra 30% off clearance.

QVC: $10 off your first order with TEN4U, major deals on electronics and homeware

Now, go grab a glass of wine and settle into your Black Friday shopping sesh! I’ll be updating this list along the way with items I got and new stuff released tomorrow.

Photos by Rachel Radcliffe Photography